Our Story



Respect for tradition combined with a vision for the future…

… and a desire to elevate the quality of local beef.

Breeding matters. But so does the way an animal is raised, fed, and finished. The crowded, high-stress, short lives of most feed-yard-to-packing-house cattle isn’t exactly conducive to the most palatable finished beef. We were tired of settling for grocery store beef. We wanted the best tasting, well-marbled, most tender, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth quality beef we could create. It took years to perfect the process: the right balance of grass, grain, and beer. The right minerals. The right timing. The right cows. Now that we’ve got the perfect plate, we want to share it. We call it Arizobe Beef, and you can only get it at Perry Land & Cattle.



Determination, grit, and an adventurous spirit.

A family farming history dating back to 1886.

These are the qualities that enabled the Perry Family pioneers to make their way out in the rough and tough wild west many years ago. The family settled in the desert after 1862’s Homestead Act and began the arduous process of carving out a life and livelihood in the wilderness. It is this drive, appreciation for the land, and ability to put in hard work that Alicia and Justin work to instill in their three children, Autumn, Ollie, and Kinley.

A family business from the beginning.

Born in Gilbert and
raised as a Farmer-Rancher

 The kids are the sixth generation in this family of Arizona farmers and ranchers and an important part of the Perry Land & Cattle Operation. Justin was born in Gilbert back when it was nothing but a small main street and farmland. He was raised to be a farmer-rancher and passed his trade down in his family through the years. He married the hard-working, sharp-minded Alicia, who runs the business end of the family operation. Together, they hand-feed their herd every day, carefully cultivating high quality beef alongside a family work ethic. 


Our connection to the land doesn’t end there…


Jason Perry, another branch of the Perry family, works alongside our team in supporting the Arizona agricultural industry. With more than 1,700 acres of land, Jason Perry Farms is able to grow corn, silage, forage, sorghum, alfalfa, Bermuda grass and oats throughout Arizona. Our network of local Arizona family farming operations creates an extremely complimentary sustainable supply chain, to ensure the highest-quality beef delivered to your door.


Building a Legacy
with Quality Beef

We are so blessed that we get to experience this tangible connection to the land.
We get to work out in the sun and air, share the experience with the kids,
and teach them what it means to work for something that belongs to you.

Alicia Perry.  Alicia is the one you’ll meet if you do any kind of business with Perry Land & Cattle. From logistics to accounting to processing to inventory management to sales & marketing… she does it all. Any given day for her might include meetings, office work, cow feedings, arranging inventory in 0 degrees, and even lecturing for Arizona State! Anything less than 3 costume changes, she says, is an easy day.

Justin Perry.  Justin, along with his long-time friend, Graeme, manage cattle sourcing for Perry Land & Cattle. They source new calves in the spring and fall from ranches around Arizona to bring into the Perry feeding program. With their decades of combined expertise, they also hand-select the finished beef that’s ready for the plate!

The Perry Kids.  Autumn, Oliver, and Kinley are remarkably helpful. You can often find the three of them out feeding the cows, trying to pet one, trying to ride one… 

On weekends, they’ll sometimes be down at the neighborhood park, selling our all-natural bones to local dog-walkers.

Laura Hamlin.  Laura is the newest addition to the Perry team. In 2019, Alicia brought her in as a sales manager for restaurants & wholesale, and to help develop direct-to-consumer outreach. She’s been an invaluable addition to the operation. If you’re a valley chef, you’ll likely hear from her at some point. She’s also a singer-songwriter, so be sure to catch her on local radio or at one of her shows!