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Meet the Perry Family

Determination, grit, and an adventurous spirit. These are the qualities that enabled the Perry Family pioneers to make their way out in the rough and tough wild west many years ago. The family settled in the desert after 1862’s Homestead Act and began the arduous process of carving out a life and livelihood in the wilderness. It is this drive, appreciation for the land, and ability to put in hard work that Alicia and Justin work to instill in their three children, Autumn (8), Ollie (6), and Kinley (4).

The kids are the sixth generation in this family of Arizona farmers and ranchers and an important part of the Perry Land & Cattle operation (check out the Perry cattle brand, which illustrates our family structure). Justin, born in Gilbert back when it was nothing but farmland, was raised to be a farmer-rancher, something that has been passed down in his family through the years. Justin’s brother owns Jason Perry Farms  and works alongside our team in supporting the Arizona agricultural industry and elevate the quality and sustainability of local food. (Learn how Perry is making a difference in the world of beef.)

Alicia hails from her own long line of farmers from the Midwest. Her father, who grew up on a farm, instilled in her a profound love of country life. Raised with an appreciation for farming, Alicia explains, “when I’m in the great wide open, surrounded by mountains and dirt and fresh air, that’s when I feel the most alive. That’s the reason why several years ago, I abruptly left my career in Washington D.C. to plant roots in Arizona. Naturally, everyone thought I was crazy, but it felt like the right thing to do.”

Soon after that, she met Justin, the fifth generation Arizona farmer who had devoted himself to his brainchild, CTS Greenwaste Recycling, a business that processes local green waste and converts it into sustainable mulch that supplements cropland. Justin’s closest friend and General Manager, Graeme Quisenberry, has also been an integral part of both CTS Greenwaste Recycling and Perry Land & Cattle. Together, this team oversees operations, raises the cows, and hand-picks the beef, determining when it is finally ready for the table.

Alicia and Justin continue to work side by side towards their goals, building the future Justin had first envisioned so long ago as a young boy growing up in the Valley of the Sun. Coming full circle, Perry Land & Cattle has made it possible for his own kids to fully embrace the country life. If you visit the operation, you might catch Alicia shooing Autumn and Ollie out of the bull pen or see Kinley playing with the horses.

“We are so blessed that we get to experience this tangible connection to the land. We get to work out in the sun and air, share the experience with the kids, and teach them what it means to work for something that belongs to you.”

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy Perry natural beef for years to come.

Sincerely, The Perry Family