What makes our beef so good

The Perry Difference

Perry Land & Cattle has devoted ourselves to creating a ranching operation that elevates the quality and availability of local, natural beef. Utilizing decades of farming and ranching experience combined with scientific research, we have developed a program designed to produce consistent results unlike any other.

Here are several of the reasons that Perry’s beef tastes so incredible.


Dry aging:

Perry’s finished beef is dry aged a minimum of 21 days                                                                                                                                                                before being cut, to ensure maximum tenderness                                                                                                                                                                  and intensified flavor.

Hand-selected cattle: 

Rather than rely on industry standard age/weight charts (which maximize profit at the expense of the product) to determine when to butcher cattle, Perry hand-selects each animal based on specific physique points for the optimal finish. We raise our cattle longer, slowly increasing weight and quality, allowing our beef the proper time to mature. This ensures excellent marbling throughout for maximum tenderness and rich flavor at your table.

Consistent nutrition:

Our cattle benefit from a controlled feeding program, specially designed to provide consistent nutrition throughout their life. This contrasts the variable diets of cattle on pasture, which are susceptible to climate changes and scarcity –both of which can impact the animal’s health and overall beef quality and taste. Perry cows enjoy stable, high-quality nutrition and Perry customers can count on a highly consistent product that is delicious every time.

Perry Crops
Sustainable feeding program:

Perry’s feed program to produce high quality beef goes all the way back to the source, starting with the very soil our feed crops are grown in. We’ve partnered with CTS Greenwaste Recycling to develop an environmentally responsible program that utilizes feed grown with all natural, nutrient-rich mulch produced from local green waste. This mulch increases crop production and quality, providing our cattle with the very best local feed, while conserving water usage and providing a valuable carbon offset. This is sustainable farming & ranching at its finest. 

Native and naturalPerry cows are sourced locally and raised naturally. They are born and raised in Arizona and never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

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